The cryptocurrency chart shows signs of a strong pullback that is preventing Bitcoin and most altcoins from registering new highs. However, some coins have gone contrary to this pullback, and they are headed towards new highs. Tezos is among the leading gainers in the past 24 hours. Tezos is trading […]

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed incredible gains in recent weeks. These gains have made various altcoins create new highs that have even been greater than what was reported in early May when bulls were at their strongest. However, this bullish sentiment has not prevented these coins from occasional dips. NEO is […]

Ripple has made some significant gains in August, with some traders speculating that prices will rise to $2. However, high volatility in the market has prevented this from happening. Regular dips in XRP prices have created strong resistance that XRP has failed to break, but the overall bullish sentiment remains […]

While the majority of the cryptocurrency market is making losses attributed to market volatility, some altcoins are still on an uptrend. Quant is among the current gainers in the market. It has created an uptrend that has led to the creation of new highs. Since the market started an uptrend […]

The crypto space has evolved from mere crypto trading to other initiatives that generate revenues. One of these initiatives is virtual land and properties. Decentraland has positioned itself in a position where it has become renowned for developing virtual land that investors can buy and sell later when values appreciate. […]

Binance coin is one of the cryptocurrencies that have the best utility in the crypto sphere. The coin is used to power the Binance Smart Chain network. It also gives stability to the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Despite the high utility, BNB is still prone to price movements caused by […]

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