Visa has been pretty active in affairs regarding the world of crypto, and this week is not an exception. According to some of the recent reports that have surfaced, the global financial service provider and payments facilitator has deployed their very first smart contract on the testnet of Ethereum. However, […]

The Bitcoin second-layer network now holds over 3,000 BTC in its more than 77,000 payment channels. The Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s layer 2 scaling solution for fast and cheap bitcoin payments, now houses over 3,000 BTC in its more than 77,000 channels, according to data from The network’s bitcoin capacity […]

“The State of Lightning” report shows how the Bitcoin layer-2 is evolving to become the native transaction rails of the internet. El Salvador bitcoin adoption, Twitter enabling BTC tipping through Lightning, and Paxful integrating Lightning, all in September, have propelled user adoption and payments activity in the network. Lightning payments […]

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