In bitcoin mining, transactions are digitally validated in the bitcoin network and added to the blockchain log. It is accomplished by deciphering complicated cryptographic hash puzzles to confirm updated transactions on the decentralized blockchain log. Solving these hash puzzles requires mighty computing power and updated tools. In return, miners are […]

The country has ordered miners to shut down for the second time this year over blackouts concerns. Iran has restricted bitcoin mining operations for the second time this year.Licensed miners are required to shut down until March.Excessive energy demand has led to less power sent to industrial consumers. Iran has […]

There are numerous factors to consider in weighing the centralization of bitcoin mining, and the industry can only be as decentralized as any one. When discussing bitcoin mining centralization, the issue almost always gets muddied immediately. One person might think in terms of mining pool distribution, another in terms of […]

Wild horses, the unruly mustangs of the bitcoin world, must make up a larger proportion of hash rate for optimal security of the network. Just over 13 years ago a tsunami was silently and slowly building from the force of Satoshi Nakamoto’s newly released paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash […]

The government reportedly plans on employing the new revenue stream’s profits on “priority” programs. Laos is reportedly expected to earn approximately $190 million in 2022 from bitcoin mining activities in the country.The new revenue source would contribute to the $2.8 billion total domestic revenue projected for 2022, the Lao Minister […]

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