As the bitcoin mining industry grapples with criticism over its energy use, nuclear power is emerging as its source of the future. The Bitcoin network’s share of global carbon dioxide emissions is only about 0.13% of the global annual total — approximately 47 million tons of a rough total 37 […]

📣 Tesla will Accept Bitcoin again when Mining gets Cleaner Energy! 👉 In an interview, Magda Wierzycka, Sygnia CEO of a South African financial management company said that @ElonMusk’s recent social media activities are manipulating the #cryptoprices and have made him the subject of an investigation by the #SEC. 👉 Responding to […]

Several U.S. states, including Texas, Wyoming and Illinois, are actively vying to attract bitcoin mining businesses. While China seems serious about shutting down its bitcoin mining sector, Iran’s government is closing down some mines and India is not sure what its policy is, the U.S. is clearly open for bitcoin […]

Blockstream and Square partnered to construct a solar-powered bitcoin mining facility and demonstrate potential for sustainable energy use. Bitcoin infrastructure company Blockstream and financial services company Square will be partnering to construct a solar-powered Bitcoin mining facility. It will be located at one of Blockstream’s preexisting mining facilities and is […]

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