The EU-based service now offers bitcoin cashback through Lightning in over 10,000 online merchants. Bitcoin rewards platform Satsback has relaunched in a new version, bringing a new brand to market with 10,000 online stores connected to offer cashback in BTC that is paid through Lightning, as well as a browser […]

The nodl light offers a sovereign and open-source plug-and-play solution for accepting Lightning payments. Bitcoin node maker nodl launches Lightning Network-focused offering.nodl light is a lightweight, plug-and-play Lightning node made for bitcoin merchants from developing countries.The product aims to enable true financial sovereignty in a more convenient way. Hardware Bitcoin […]

The Vietnamese community can now shop with crypto on GokuMarket Decentralized Commerce platform & receive Bitcoin Cashback! 💜 November 8, 2021 — GokuMarket Decentralized Commerce is live in Vietnam with numerous products to shop. The platform is designed to deliver all the advantages of decentralized finance by cutting out the middleman, lowers […]

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