Celebrating 500,000+ GokuMarket Super App Active Users! 📱🥳 📣 Celebrating 500,000+ GokuMarket Super App #ActiveUsers! 📱🥳 💜 #European Licensed #CryptoExchange 💜 ZERO FEE to transfer Cryptos using your #MobileNumber 💜 24/7 #LiveChat on Web & Mobile #Android & #iOS Super App 💜 Buy #BTC & cryptos with #Debit & #CreditCard 💜 Explore […]

📣 #Learn & #Subscribe to the @GokuMarket Metaverse! 🔥 👉 https://bit.ly/GokuMarketMetaverseFAQs @GokuMarket #Metaverse #FAQs (Frequently asked questions) are crafted very carefully to provide relevant Metaverse related answers. 💰 ⚡ Pre-launch product by Invitation Only ⚡ Receive up to 200% Returns in #BTC, #USDT and #GMG ⚡ Receive #GokuMarketGuild (GMG), backed by #GMC […]

@GokuMarket Wishes you all a Merry Christmas!🎄🎅 Hear the bells ringing to wish you all Merry X-mas! 🎅 Warm welcome to GokuMarket — World’s №1 crypto utility provider 🎁 💝 #Share an invitation with family & friends to join GokuMarket & earn a surprise KYC reward with up to 10 GMC! 🎁 🧧 💜 […]

GokuMarket welcomes the JFIN Community to Deposit, Withdraw, HODL & Trade JFIN tokens against USDT — check it out! 💜 December 25th, 2021 — JFIN Token is now listed on GokuMarket, the one marketplace for the blockchain economy. GokuMarket welcomes the JFIN Community! Now JFIN Token HODLers can explore a whole new level of crypto […]

GokuMarket welcomes the Seeder Finance (LEAF) Community to Deposit, Withdraw, Trade, and Store LEAF tokens at GokuMarket — check it out! 💜 December 28, 2021 — LEAF Token is now listed on GokuMarket, the one marketplace for the blockchain economy. GokuMarket welcomes the Seeder Finance (LEAF) Community! LEAF Token users can now deposit and trade […]

GokuMarket Weekly Update Nov 26-Dec 2 📣 Hi GokuMarket Community 🤟 BREAKING NEWS: 1) Congratulations: +2,000 FZS #Airdrop Winners & 100 Trading Winners! 2) Learn & #Earn 250% Returns with GokuMarket’s #AI Bot + #GMC DeFi! Please #Like & #Share our Weekly News: 👉 http://Weekly.GokuMarket.News Please stay tuned for more exciting news! Regards, GokuMarket Team 💜 […]

As GokuMarket continues to grow +900k users, we take compliance sincerely and have updated the daily withdrawal limits for non-KYC users. 💜 December 10, 2021 — GokuMarket is experiencing explosive growth and equally important is also to ensure there is proper compliance in place given that we are a European-licensed cryptocurrency exchange. Following […]

GokuMarket is excited to announce that your favorite GokuMarket Credit (GMC) is now listed on the LBank Exchange — Check it out! 💜🔥🚀 November 30, 2021 — GokuMartket Credit (GMC) will be listed and available for trading on the LBank Exchange with the GMC/USDT trading pair starting from November 28th. 📣 Why GMC listed on LBank? ✅ […]

GokuMarket has come a long way from being just another exchange out there, to becoming a Top 30 exchange globally — join our journey! 🔝🏆 November 30th, 2021 — GokuMarket is expanding the ecosystem exponentially from a single & centralized E-commerce & Trading platform to multiple Centralized & Decentralized platforms as part of the ongoing […]

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