The bitcoin payroll company teamed up with Voltage and ACINQ to process the world’s first Lightning payroll. Bitwage has processed the world’s first Lightning payroll. The company processed a salary payment entirely on the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s layer 2 scaling solution for fast and cheap bitcoin payments. “Bitcoin’s Lightning Network […]

📣 First Page of #Internet; @Reddit is Preparing to Launch the #NFT Platform 👉 The world’s largest forum, #Reddit, wants to set up an #NFTplatform for buying and selling crypto-collectibles, according to a #jobposting from the company. 👉 According to a #Greenhouse job posting, #socialmediaplatform Reddit appears to be hiring people to […]

Digital property rights bring the connection between the internet and the economy into modernity. Bitcoin Sovereignty: Part One So, you have taken the orange pill and are now going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. You may be wondering what’s at the bottom? What is the core innovation of Bitcoin, from […]

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