Chinese Tea Company Accepts Dogecoin, Ethereum, And Bitcoin 👏 🤩 💜 GokuMarket : Chinese Tea Company Accepts #Dogecoin, #Ethereum, And #Bitcoin 👏 🤩 💜 Chinese tea company #UrbanTea has started accepting #DOGE, Ethereum, and BTC as payments in all its Chinese store’s plans to normalize crypto with customers. 💜 Shop on #Ecommerce #BTC, […]

Coinbase, the first publicly-listed crypto exchange, has published its Q1 2021 earnings report. The largest US crypto exchange’s net profit for Q1 2021 surpassed $771 million, up fourfold from Q4 2020’s number of $177 million. Revenue stood at $1.8 billion, beating the previous quarter’s $585 million. Alongside from the earnings […]

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