The cryptocurrency market has taken a step backwards after its recent gains. Its total value has declined by 3% in the past 24 hours, dropping from $2.2 trillion to $2.13 trillion. Bitcoin has been the leader of this drop, with its fall of 2% causing other major coins to decline […]

The global payments processing giant, PayPal, have been willing to launch their cryptocurrency services in the United Kingdom and have been making statements regarding their plan. Finally, they have announced officially that they are launching their cryptocurrency services in the United Kingdom from the following week. The crypto service from […]

Iranian Tax Authority Urges to Legalize Cryptocurrency Exchanges 📣 #Iranian 🇮🇷 Tax Authority Urges to Legalize #Cryptocurrency Exchanges 👉 The #IranianNationalTax Administration (#INTA) has proposed to tax digital asset exchanges operating in the country. 👉 #Iran’s 🇮🇷 tax agency has prepared three tax regimes that can be applied to cryptocurrency trading […]

Miami Plans to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency MiamiCoin 📣 #Miami Plans to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency “#MiamiCoin” 👉 City officials expect MiamiCoin to generate millions of dollars in revenue and expand its economy. 👉 30% of the revenue from MiamiCoin will go to Miami’s general fund to use towards investments like […]

France Wants to Strengthen the Cryptocurrency Regulation Across Europe 📣 #France Wants to Strengthen the #Cryptocurrency Regulation Across #Europe 👉 #French regulators have suggested that the governments in the European Union to give responsibility to the #European Securities and Markets Authority (#ESMA) in overseeing cryptocurrencies. 👉 France Wants EU to Give ‘Greater […]

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