Layer-2 blockchain solutions have become more popular in the past year, with their promise of offering increased speed and cheaper transaction costs. This is why many investors are looking for the top layer-2 coins to buy right now. With the market hoping to get out of its bearish run, there […]

In recent times, we have seen many incidents where renowned personalities from multiple fields have shown interest in receiving their salary in crypto. The latest addition to this list is Andre Iguodala, the three-time NBA champion and basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. The star player revealed on Twitter […]

📣 #Iran 🇮🇷 to Allow #Crypto Payments for International Trade 👉 The #Iranian 🇮🇷 government is reportedly preparing a mechanism to enable #cryptocurrencies in international trade. 👉 The Central Bank of Iran and the Ministry of Trade have agreed to link the #CBI’s payment platform to a trading system allowing […]

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