Blockchain is one of the most growing technology as it allows people to earn real money. Since this transaction is done completely using the internet and web servers, there are high chances of security threats. If you are interested in Blockchain and crypto then this article is for you as […]

Blockchain is one of those technologies which is truly revolutionizing the world in terms of how big businesses and organizations conduct their affairs. Even though Blockchain was introduced in the market with the introduction of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. and for the longest part, people used to associate […]

1.  Understanding Blockchain This article explains what a blockchain is, what components make the blockchain and also explores the concepts that help understand the technology better. Blockchain is a technology that enables the storage of data in blocks in a decentralized Ledger/database. It differs from traditional databases, where clients access […]

📣 #European Union Agency, EIF Invested $30M in a New #Blockchain and #DigitalAssets Fund 👉 #FabricVentures, based in Luxembourg, has secured $30M from the European #Investment Fund (EIF) for its 2021 fund. 👉 The Fabric Ventures team includes Richard Muirhead, Max Mersch, and Anil Hansjee, whose interests focus on #digitaltokens, decentralized […]

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