The Internet of Services Foundation (IOST) has announced its partnership with the Institute for the Future (IFF) at the University of Nicosia (UNIC). The partnership seeks to support females who want to venture into the blockchain space. The two institutions will offer a scholarship program that will support Women in […]

With the increasing degree of competition and uncertainty around the globe, everyone’s rushing to enhance their skills or expertise to provide them with good job opportunities.  The blockchain sector is flourishing and gaining popularity, leading to promising possibilities for a career in the blockchain industry. According to the latest skills […]

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a subset of the cryptocurrency trading business focussing on decentralized financial services. It includes several developer-created financial services accessible by all. DeFi solutions and centralized solutions differ in various aspects. The most important characteristic is that decentralized solutions are governed and controlled by a group of […]

Blockchain isn’t only about cryptocurrencies anymore. It is, by all means, demonstrating its true potential. There are countless ways in which Blockchain is already a change catalyst, and it has had a substantial impact on SMB (small to midsize business) operations. Blockchain technology is no longer a mysterious or perplexing […]

In any Democracy, conducting elections are very challenging due to many reasons. Every person has to vote to elect a representative fairly, but this never happens as the voter needs to identify himself legally. A person can only prove his identity is by having proper documentation. Many people who live […]

$500M Blockchain Gaming Proposal Game7 to Come Online with Backing from Industry Veterans 📣 $500M #Blockchain Gaming Proposal #Game7 to Come Online with Backing from Industry #Veterans 👉 Game7 is an upcoming $500 million #blockchainecosystem acceleration decentralized autonomous organization, or #DAO, with the goal of onboarding gamers worldwide to the blockchain […]

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