With Bitcoin’s current return of approximately 456% since the third halving event in May 2020, this is a notable underachievement compared to the two previous cycles, which had recorded 1,355% and 4,974% respectively at this point in time. (Read More)Bitcoin, BITCOIN, CRYPTOCURRENCIES, HALVING, INVESTMENT, MARKET, ANALYSIS, BLOCKCHAIN

DAOs are a logical extension of DeFi apps, made feasible by the blockchain’s capabilities. This has brought a revolution in e-governance through a majority-win voting methodology, including the proprietors of the native tokens. This model gives native token holders complete control over the decision-making process and a proportionate share of […]

OKEx, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, has provided insights that will help new investors navigate the crypto space, which beginners usually deem complex. OKEx is currently the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange globally after Binance and Coinbase. The exchange reports billions of dollars in trading volumes, and it has listed […]

Blockchain is a technology that stores data and information in a chain of blocks. Every block links to each other by using hash algorithms. This technology uses cryptographic protocols to enhance security. This technology makes it impossible to change, edit or delete the information in blocks.  Those familiar with cryptocurrency […]

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